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Sugar Land, TX News – Sugar Land Statement on Wrecker Truck Contracts

Sugar Land, TX News (August 11, 2014) – The Sugar Land Police Department identified problems with its wrecker truck rotation that included tow trucks not on the contract arriving at accident scenes claiming they were sent by one of Sugar Land’s contracted companies. Companies working under several different business names made it difficult to verify insurance and licenses. The chief of police recently established a process for annual renewal of the contracts to ensure insurance coverage is up to date and trucks that show up at accident scenes belong to companies on Sugar Land’s rotation. The new process better protects motorists from predatory business practices.

Sugar Land’s towing contracts provide service for the public when drivers have trouble on the road, such as accidents. Police use this list to call a tow truck that is paid for by the vehicle owner, not the City. This effort ensures tow truck operators charge a fair price and are reputable.

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