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Raising Readers

By admin

How Sugar Land parents can foster a love of reading in children.

Written by Tonya Ellis

Ask an average kid what they most like to do in their spare time, and few will say read. Books have taken a backseat to video games, television, social media, and other distractions.

By 2020, reading levels needed to get a well-paying job and participate fully in society will be higher than they’ve ever been, according to the National Council on Teachers of English Standards for the English Language Arts. That’s why it’s important that our children work on their reading skills today, say Fort Bend literacy experts.

“Reading is going to affect every aspect of their life, from completing school, to their jobs, to their home lives,” says Susan King, coordinator of youth services at Fort Bend County Libraries. “Children who are good readers are usually the most successful learners.”

Reading is the basis for every subject that a child takes. Cynthia Bogle, a teacher leader in Fort Bend ISD Reading Recovery Program says, “If they are doing math, they have to read a problem’s story before they can figure it out. They can’t answer the science and social studies questions, unless they can read the text. If they can’t read, they are going to struggle in many more subjects than just language.”

See our full article on Raising Readers for more ways to encourage your kids to read!

Click for our Raising Readers Article

Click for our Raising Readers Article


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