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Sugar Land, TX News – Medical Center Receives Grant for Indigent Program

Sugar Land, TX News – OakBend Medical Center in Richmond, TX was recently granted $750,000 from the George Foundation to support the hospital’s Indigent Care Program.


OakBend is the community’s safety net hospital which cares for patients of all backgrounds and income levels, and as a result treats a disproportionately large share of low income, vulnerable patients.  “The George Foundation’s grant will help support the hospital’s mission to care for every person in Fort Bend County and adjacent communities, regardless of their ability to pay,” stated Joe Freudenberger, CEO of OakBend Medical Center.  “OakBend is a community hospital where our neighbors come when they need to be cared for and we take pride in being able to offer them our award winning services.”

OakBend is working closely with community organization to make sure that patients get the right kind of care at the right place and time.  The addition of the ACE (Acute Care for the Elderly) Unit, to be opened later this year, will make OakBend the only hospital in Fort Bend County to have a unit dedicated to the care and comfort of elderly patients.

The George Foundation’s grant allows OakBend to continue to grow its services and to make sure that everyone in our community gets the care they need and deserve.

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